Saturday, 14 March 2015

While I was up the Mountain GW quietly slit WHFB's throat

Is GW about to let Fantasy bleed out?

While I was climbing Mt Kahikatea on the South Island with a hundred 11 and 12 year olds last week, GW did something unspeakable to it's fluff and rules.

30 years of fluff about to bleed out into the dust?  (Click to Pete's blog article on this)

Speculation is now hotter than ever with the leaks and hints, and the direction that GW seems to be taking. Rage quitters and fanboys alike now wait with abated breath for 9th Ed.

Interesting (End) times indeed. The last End Times book, Archaon. Wrath of Khorne (yay!)
Rip out the restrictions on army builds (with exception of having only one Army standard) Ouch... what about  tournaments and gentlemanly play. This is not cricket. Let all hell break loose!
Free-for-all is now the new black! May be something akin to a bar fight:

Khorne release: 

Some nice new models BUT with my growing insecurity about WHFB's direction, I am staying that hand that is straying to my wallet.
Looking to Saga on Gripping Beast and Wayland games websites instead for my monthly fix of plastic crack (Thanks for that term, Tim).

Really great new Khorne models, but I think no purchases from GW until 9th Ed comes and shows its true colours. I do love the Skarr and wrathmonger/skullreaper kits and the Skarr model, none the less.

Skarr Bloodwrath:
M4 WS8 BS3 S5 T5 W3 I7 A5 Ld8
Bloodstorm Blades: Magic weapons, +2S first round of combat, and grants Impact Hits(d3)
His Bloodborn rule is great.

Stat lines:


Formations in the last book brings us Boom-boom-shake-the-room-multishot dwarf canons 
(Last hurrah for the stunties before they join the Lizards, Orcs and Ogres on a trip into oblivion ?)

Bit of nerf in this one for Elves. Would rather dust off them dwarfs. Boom boom!

So, for me...I'll just sit and wait.

Paint some Turks or ANZACs to while the time away while we wait for 9th Ed and the things to come. 

Maybe some Saga when the books arrive. Maybe some FoW... 

Been watching the 3rd season of Vikings on Lightbox (The 1st 4 episodes) 

I would recommend it if you are a dark ages fan!

...Adding some impetus to my leaning to Saga.

Full image of Caravaggio's "Abraham sacrificing Isaac" (Uffizzi, Italy) 1603

Devine intervention stopping Abraham from sacrificing his son. I'm hoping something similar will occur to prevent the demise of WHFB as we know it.
Some viewers may have found the cropped image unsettling. Apologies if any sensitivities were disturbed, that was not the intention


  1. Vikings is a damm good show.

    Still trying to absorb the fact that the Warhammer World is gone, 9th better be great in terms of lore

  2. That is a really disturbing photo Herman

    1. Lol Jeff! Close-up from a painting of the Biblical Abraham about to sacrifice his son, Isaac. (Did not go through with it due to Divine intervention) I feel GW is sacrificing the game we love in the name of profit. I'm also hoping that some devine intervention may take place and stop GW from killing the game we love

    2. By the Italian Master, Caravaggio, 1603

  3. Starting to lean toward the optimistic side of things regarding 9th and found that once I had a game I still enjoyed it and visions of 9th faded away slowly.

    1. Yea John. We were having a few cold ones and a chat about it this pm. I don't think the game will die. We will just adapt. Just a tad sad about 30yrs worth of fluff being killed w a pen-stroke.

  4. I think the love for the game is the whole problem. We are kept in the dark, and grieving for what may happen.