Friday, 15 August 2014

Deafening Silence

Bolt from the blue: Just to break the deafening silence from my blog

Winter has dug its claws into New Zealand, with storms galore. Yesterday saw a lightning strike on the windwand in Wellington: quite a sight. Someone caught it on video. A tip-off from the gods ?

Frazzled Zephyrometer Wind Wand after the lightning strike
(Click on pic to see the strike)

Anyhow, between the wild weather, business partners breaking legs skiing, a 1:1 scale construction project on my driveway and influenza crippling the district, I have not been able to do much modeling or painting.

Ok, and then there is World of Tanks... Why, Oh, Why did I download this addiction?

So I got out the Vampire Counts in the dead of winter, must have been Morrslieb, I mean the Supermoon that made me do it. Either way, I bought some harpy-like creatures of Sam recently. I built and base-coated them and decided to run them as giant bats. The GW models just do not ring by bell. None of them. Ever.

And I got into the models that DO ring my bell. The Vargulf and the Vargheists, two old Abyssal Horrors, a small one and a large one, which I thought  may run as a Terrorgheist and a character mount, 2 old Strigoi Vamps, one afoot and one mounted, and a unit of ghouls that have been languishing semi-built for a while.

Yeah, I know the Vamps are Tier 3 when it come to competition, and all you really have is a tarpit with a general that makes its army crumble when it dies, but I really love the models and the fluff around it. And you can use them for other games. VCs are really good in Morheim, and lets face it, a vampire is a vampire in any ruleset!


  1. whats your name on world of tanks. i go by Brozilla and hamish goes by runningtarget