Thursday, 30 May 2013

Warhammer Quest for iPad and IPhone launches

Warhammer Quest for the Ipad and IPhone launched ($5 US)

In Warhammer Quest, the player controls a party of heroes as they battle their way through the dungeons of the Old World. There’s an overworld for players to explore, uncovering new quests, dungeons, and settlements. “In the settlements you can recruit new heroes, who all fall into one of these archetypes.”

The original miniatures game dates from 1995, when Games Workshop’s universe wasn’t quite as fleshed out as it is today. The characters in the player’s party were simply-drawn fantasy sawhorses: a barbarian, a wizard, an elf, and a dwarf. “Whereas we’re using the current day Warhammer equivalent,” Maguire, says. “Every hero is completely bespoke. There’s one Dwarf Ironbreaker, one Wood Elf Waywatcher, one Norse Marauder, and that’s the starting party. Then there’s the High Elf Mage, the Dwarf Trollslayer, and the Warrior-Priest which you can recruit from the overworld settlements. There’s seven heroes at launch, and each update we’ll add two or three more heroes. You’ll start with those characters and it’ll be a couple of quid for each update to add new characters.”

Enemies have a set 1-in-6 chance of ambushing your party, giving them the first shot at your heroes.”

The ambush mechanic is Rodeo’s way of instils a sense of urgency that drives you forward through the dungeon. You can take your time making your way through, healing your party and making conservative explorations, but the more time you spend in the dungeon the greater risk of being ambushed. And your healing potions won’t last forever.

Every character has unique attacks, for one thing. When the Marauder uses his berserk ability, he’ll occasionally inflict damage to everyone in the area, friend or foe. Once engaged in combat with an adjacent enemy you’re pinned to him, giving the enemy a free shot at you if you try to move away. The Wood Elf Waywatcher has a bonus to escaping those tie-ups. Each hero looks completely different, according to their race.

That variety extends to the enemies as well — each one is randomly generated from a selection of weapons and armor that are available to his race and class. Long-pressing an enemy opens up a “journal entry” for each one, displaying his stats and special abilities. You can hack and slash your way through the battles in Warhammer Quest if you want, but players who want to take advantage of the turn-based combat to adapt their tactics around each enemy’s weaknesses will have all the information they need.

The game starts in the first region, Stirland, and you progress from here and discover the rest of the map. Every settlement has new stuff you can buy, new quests..

Sounds great. ITunes here I come...

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