Thursday, 27 December 2012

Santa's Error: The Delightful Chickens

Santa's Error: The Delightful Chickens

Theodore Bruckner on Hippogryf
Forge World (tm) 

So Santa got me one of the items on my list from Forgeworld. 
The Blooming postage was almost as much as the model, which didn't come cheap !
But wait there is more... 
The overzealous Santa developed a finger-stutter, and lo and behold: 
TWO Theodores arrive!

How lucky can you get! Now I can Build two versions, and the Two Supersized chickens can join my regular sized Empire Monstrous dreary chicken cavalry!
I think these Hippogryfs are better models than the WH ones.

Kudos to ASB bank too, and a raspberry to Forge World's Cyber Security.

We got a phone call from ASB bank, querying a transaction that followed on ours, putting in another order for about 200 Euros with Forgeworld, originating from Ireland, clearly Forgeworld's online system has been hacked: just a word of warning if you buy something online from them...


  1. Very cool. Will fit well in the upcoming campaign.

  2. Thanks Sam, just have to build it now. Have you actually got the Tamurkhan rulebook?