Saturday 9 July 2016

TGG2 Kickstarter Finally ships: The plastic mountain to grow significantly

Raging Heroes' Toughest Girls of the Galaxy 2 kickstarter ships: My pledge choices

Aah, decisions, decisions. Having just taken possession of a Panzergranadier Bolt Action Army, Raging heroes inform me that TGG2 is ready to ship. A hill, nay, a mountain, an avalanche, of plastic heading my way! Luvvit!

So heeere we have it, time to choose those models that you backed on the kickstarted 14 months ago:

Not bad, just 2 months off ETA. Kudos to RH. They kept us informed all of the way!
Great blog, and regular email updates. They shared the whole process with us, step by step.

Just got confirmation that my order in now " awaiting fulfillment" 

So am I too. Indeed, awaiting Fulfillment... 

 More than 3 years in coming, from when I first saw the Dark Elf concept art.

Well done, Raging Heroes!

So first off the stretch goal freebies:

16 stretch goal hero minis. Nice. 
Personally I could do without the 3 "familiars" but what the heck. 
The rest look great.

My motivation for backing this kickstarter was initially to supplement my Warhammer Dark Elf, Slaanesh Daemon and Empire forces. That was before the Warhammer world went up in a puff of smoke to be replaced by you-know what, and Slaanesh was deemed un-PC for soccer moms. 

Well, these girls will have every soccer mom choking on her Earl grey! Well, maybe not completely, but some of the models could come close to being R18 rated. 

My initial idea was to look to filling some of what I deemed lacking/boring/weaknesses in my armies at the time. Well, 9th Ed (Sorry 9th AGE) has nerfed my DE's somewhat, and I had to have a quick rethink of what I intended to order:

I was planning on building a Cult of Ulrich/Hammer-themed Empire army, with Great Hammers, rather than Greatswords. (The post on this, in fact is still sitting, awaiting completion)

So I thought I'd run with the Sisters. I already have a unit that I built for Mordheim, so this is what I went for in my choices:

Erzatz Empire/Empire of Sonstahl: 

 Daughters of the Orphanage, with command

Love this quirky standard bearer

And the musician(s)

Regular Sisters, with command
(Nothing regular about these girls, I'd say)

Sol-Sarya, Priestess of the Sun of Thorns:

Dark Elves. Could really use these nasty girls for anything. Executioners, Witches... many possibilities

Flesh Eaters, with command

Shiveriah, Sorceress

Varaseesh, the venomous:
Alternate medusa ? Again many possibilities

Yscarloth, the harvester of flesh:

Xehzirhya on demon steed

Worm riders and command

Ones I may still spend some money on:

Only didn't get these as there is no option for cross-bows on these alternative dark riders. (and had reached the limit of my pre-paid pledge of a year ago) 

I suppose adding cross-bows would not be not insurmountable. Lovely dynamic sculpts.

Nice sculpts, but no clear use for me (yet)

The ones that didn't quite crack it for me (though I liked the art concepts, but the final renditions of the models don't do it for me):

Copyright of pictures Raging Heroes. Can't wait for my models tpo arrive.

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